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A data center migration is complex and any data center relocation normally affects business users, their customers, as well as partners, vendors and staff. A data center migration that is going to be e-commerce-friendly requires early participation and a clear-cut application focus. Ultimately, any data center relocation, large or small, necessitates know-how, preparation and management plus knowing what is of the utmost importance to the company itself. The plans for a data center relocation usually start within the facilities manager or company IT department.

Planning any data center move causes considerable anxiety, stress and need for planning, but a data center relocation causes additional pressure on the IT department due to potential disruptions to essential business operations and potential data loss, which could seriously injure any organization’s business and reputation in general. Recently, many organizations have been encountering the prospect of data center relocation as a result of several factors, including but not limited to:

  • 1. Mergers and acquisitions requiring data center migration for combining assets
  • 2. Upgrading data center facility to provide more space, cooling and power
  • 3. Downsizing to less expensive facility for economic purposes
  • 4. Business continuity improvement Redundancy requirements
  • 5. Changes in data center co-location requirements

Many data centers have been stressed to the exhaustion point by the increases in heat compaction, power and cooling needs. Many businesses find that they have exhausted their current facility’s sustaining environmental systems long before they have reached physical capacity. These realities generally necessitate a data center relocation in order to adapt to the higher cooling and power demands.

The accurate estimation of the cost of data center relocation is challenging, and many organizations are finding themselves in a position of having to relocate based upon space limitations, as well as power and cooling restrictions. Even somewhat smaller data centers, such as those with no more than 25 or less racks, often will have IT assets that have been set up in an ostensibly random configuration. Over time, some assets may have been simply placed wherever they would fit in spite of earlier attempts to group them in a more logical manner, such as by function, department or application. This alone can necessitate additional care and planning in implementing a data center migration.

The initial steps that should be taken prior to data center relocation should include auditing and labeling everything, considering anything that could possibly go wrong, formulating contingency plans, and utilizing every possible opportunity to upgrade during the move. Drawing up precise plans that specify where everything will be placed at the new site is essential prior to data center relocation. This is normally done with a VISIO planner.

The fact is that professional data center movers can be the most suitable logistics partners for any organization when it comes to data center relocation. Having a partner who understands and is ready to help with all of the company’s data center migration needs can reduce the overall downtime and moving costs substantially. Every organization should have a fully customized moving strategy for meeting their specific objectives and consummate data center movers should provide that as part of their service. You can contact

There are numerous variations in data center relocation services that can be provided. Professional data center movers can provide a basic move, project customization or end-to-end support. The decision is generally driven by budgetary constraints, the complexities of the move and the scope of the move. Some moves only require a short distance, such as having the data center movers relocate equipment across campus, and others could be across country or even global.

Once a data center relocation strategy has been put in place, the data center movers will be in charge of professional DE-installation, packing, transporting, unpacking and re-installing servers and other equipment. Some data center movers could also be handling the potential re-connecting and powering up before the IT team takes over with implementing their testing procedures. The scope of the data center movers involvement is at the option of the business owner or manager. In view of the many complexities that are involved in data center relocation, the management of an organization should be given the option of retaining data center movers for just moving day assistance or complete planning and execution of the entire project. Again, this choice is generally based upon the company’s overall budget and the scope and size of the move.

By providing fully insured resources like specialty trucks and equipment that is manned by a well-trained staff, data center movers can save any organization substantial time and money. An in-depth consultation with a company’s proposed data center movers can help with the planning and implementation of a smooth and seamless data center relocation.

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